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Franchising opportunity in All Cities, We limited to 3-5 Partners in each City for a population of 5 million. 

NOBODY ELSE can support you in panorama tour creation industry like us.

1. Strong R&D Capability. Rich functions, continually update. 

2. Industry specified solution. Enable your client with the best practice instantly.

3. Unique business model. Engage your clients in your city. Share profit for the clients your acquired. 

4. Your language and your local integration. Our system can add additional language within few days.

5. Marketing and sales support. Centralised data scraping service, telephone, sms, email marketing support to enable you acquire clients easily.  

We offer entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to leverage on tech powered platform in order to start their own business .

Entering into a Cool720 franchise business is easy. Successful franchisee applicants are given a complimentary one-month training programme for themselves, which ensure they emerge fully capable of handling the day-to-day operations of a Cool720 Business. Throughout their panorama business journey, franchisees also enjoy the constant support of the company’s Field Consultants.

Cool720, with its proven business models and feature rich products, is an award-winning franchisor with over 50% of our stores managed by individual franchisees. As a national organisation, Cool720 has adopted an open culture, which embraces new business ideas, innovation, and franchise support opportunities.

Which kind of support you can get?

1. Local leads for panorama photograph. Such as hotels, airbnb, property agent, real estate company. 

2. Panorama photo stitching and virtual tour creation service.

3. Panorama photography training.

4. Features upgrading.

5. Technical support.

Please contact Brandon for detail information:

Brandon Soo